Compustar Pro T13 Remote Start Security System + Controller Kit, Alarm, BLADE-AL

Compustar Pro T13 Remote Start Security System + Controller Kit, Alarm, BLADE-AL

Compustar Pro T13 Remote Start Security System + Controller Kit, Alarm, BLADE-AL

COMPUSTAR REMOTE START & SECURITY BUNDLE with BLADE-AL Bypass Module. PRO T13 2-Way Remote Start & Security System (RFX-P2WT13-SF). Compustar Firstech STARTIT Universal Remote Start Alarm Controller Kit (FT-CMX-HC). ALARMIT Alarm Update Kit for Compustart (ALARM-KIT).

IF YOUR VEHICLE DOES NOT REQUIRE THE BLADE-AL BYPASS MODULE PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING LISTING. Compustar Pro T13 with LTE, The industry's flagship, most innovative technology.

This system has Automatic proximity unlock for the easiest of access to your car! As you approach the vehicle, the system senses your remote control and automatically unlocks your car. Includes a IPX-7 waterproof, 2 way alert, LCD display, rechargeable remote control with up to 3 miles of operational range! The CMX is Firstech's next-generation hardware that offers maximum flexibility for your business, your installers, and your customers.

It represents the universal applications for which this system can be used: security, remote start, or combo. Smarter, Stronger, Faster Upgraded 32-bit ARM processor (CM-7 is 8-bit) and flash storage (256kb) for more advanced programmability, event tracking, and speed. The CMX supports all Firstech accessories for universal applications, such as ALARMIT for security and FTI T-Harnesses for remote start. ALARM IT KIT includes a DAS sensor that detects two stages of impact. When your car is hit, your security system will trigger the siren and if you have a 2-way LCD remote or DroneMobile, you will instantly be alerted.

Along with impact, the DAS has a tilt sensor that will notify you if your vehicle is being towed or if your tires are being stolen. One of the most important parts of keeping your car is safe is preventing theft in the first place.

Car thieves are significantly less likely to mess with your vehicle if they know you have a security system installed. ALARM IT KIT adds our signature Compustar-Blue LED that shows that your car is protected. If you drive a manual-transmission vehicle, Compustar is the safest remote start solution for you. The DAS sensor also has a built-in accelerometer that will immediately stop your vehicle if you remote start while it's left in gear.

The iDatalink ADS-BLADE AL is designed for hassle-free all-in-one immobilizer bypass, doorlock interface and CANbus integration, simply insert your ADS-BLADE AL cartridge into your Blade-enabled remote starter's dedicated dock, connect your remote starter to your PC using the Weblink UpdaterT Cable and flash your module with your appropiate vehicle firmware. Please note that this car remote starter kit requires professional installation, particularly for vehicles that need an immobilizer bypass. Up to 3-Miles of Range. Two remotes included- 1 LCD and 1 backup remote.

Supports All Firstech RF Kits & Drone Mobile. ALCA can also be used.

Manual Transmission Compatible with DASII. 3 Programmable HC High Current Outputs. Auxiliary Port, 3 Additional Data Ports, 2 Additional LC Low Current Ports. Programmable Door/Trunk/Hood Inputs - Positive/Negative/Normally Closed.

Compatible with DroneMobile, RPS Touch, Weblink. 2-Way Alarm Alerts If your Compustar remote start system is connected to a 2-way LCD remote or DroneMobile, you will be instantly notified if your alarm is triggered.

The Smartest Security Sensor The ALARMIT KIT includes a DASII 4-in-1 sensor that adds the following security features to your vehicle: dual-stage shock detection, tilt sensing, and accelerometer. The Loudest Siren The alarm siren included in the ALARMIT KIT features a speaker that gets as loud as 105+dB; capable of scaring away intruders and alerting those nearby. What is an E-LOCK Relay? " The E-LOCK relay included in the ALARMIT KIT functions as a "starter-kill, which prevents your vehicle from being driven while your security system is armed; thus preventing auto-theft/carjacking. Compatible with select Compustar and Firstech Modules.

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Compustar Pro T13 Remote Start Security System + Controller Kit, Alarm, BLADE-AL